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Pickup Truck Rampage is a game of timing and endurance. You must guide your pickup truck over the dangerous course avoiding going off the road. All the while you must mindfully collect more fuel cans or you will run out of gas. If all of that were not enough you must avoid the mines in the roadway that are placed there with the intent of destroying you. When you are done you will surely be on your own rampage.


To get as far as you can down the road while picking up fuel cans, which allow you to advance farther, but while avoiding going off the road or running over a road mine. The further you make it without crashing, getting mined or running out of fuel the higher your score.


Movement: Left/Right Arrow
Jump: Up Arrow


Name: Pickup Truck Rampage
Times Played: 34668
Rating : 4
Platform: Flash
Created By: Infrarift.net
Genre: Arcade

Pickup Truck Rampage

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