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Minecar Mayhem is a very challenging action game in which you must navigate through a mine while maintaining your balance, choosing the right direction, and jumping over obstacles. If you press the wrong arrow key, or dont choose a direction, you will die and have to restart the level. This game requires a lot of attention adn skill. You control the minecar with you keyboard. Use the left and right arrow keys to choose direction, A to balance left, D to balance right, and your UP arrow to jump over obstacles.


The objective is to get as far as you can into the mine without crashing.
Every now and then, an arrow will appear on the screen. When the arrow appears, press the same arrow on your keyboard.
If you don\'t do it when you\'re at the intersection, or press the wrong arrow, you die. You must do this while maintaining balance using the A and D key, and while jumping obstacles.


Choose Direction : Left and right arrow keys
Balance Left : A
Balance Right : D
Jump : Up Arrow


Name: Minecar Mayhem
Times Played: 24523
Rating : 4
Platform: Flash
Created By: Infrarift.net
Genre: Arcade

Minecar Mayhem

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