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The third installment in the Drakojan Skies series. You once again must defeat all evil in your path. You must first fight you way to the enemy fortress by destroying and avoiding all enemy spacecraft in your path. Once there you must equip yourself and invade the fortress on foot. It is a dangerous mission, so good luck in Drakojan Skies 3.


Your first goal is to reach the enemy fortress. You must do this by guiding your aircraft past enemy aircraft until you reach the enemy fortress. Once there you must enter the fortress and destroy all the enemies within the fortress.


Movement: Arrow Keys
Shoot: C
Special Weapon : X
Aim Gun: Mouse
Fire Gun: Left Mouse Button


Name: Drakojan Skies 3
Times Played: 28352
Rating : 3
Platform: Flash
Created By: Armorgames
Genre: Adventure

Drakojan Skies 3

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