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Cel Blaster is a planetary first person shooter. You need to roam the planet's surface taking out all enemy spacecraft, aliens and monsters who stand in your way. Do not be fooled by the nice manicured lawn you are fighting on, this planet is both desolate and dangerous. Get out there and blast away!


The object of Cel Blaster is to destroy all the enemies who stand in your way on the planet\'s surface. Shoot them down with your gun and advance forward over the terrain. Do it in the fastest time possible for the best score.


Movement: Arrow keys
Shoot: Left Mouse Button
Look Up: Mouse Forward
Look Down: Mouse Back
Turn Left: Mouse Left
Turn Right: Mouse Right
Free Mouse: Esc


Name: Cel Blaster
Times Played: 4225
Rating : 2
Platform: Flash
Created By: Craziness
Genre: Adventure

Cel Blaster

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