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Stealth Hunter offers you the chance to go into the underworld of dangerous missions, 22 in all. Take out your opposition with C4 explosives, sneak past the unaware guards, or break their necks before they detect you as you work to make it to your mission objective. You have a radar available to assist you in making it past the guards, as well as many ways to distract them or take them out of the picture.


To do whatever it takes to complete your current mission at hand. This can mean blowing things up, or taking out your opposition with the tools at your disposal. If you are detected by the guards your mission is a failure. Reach your mission objective, without being spotted, and you will move on to the next mission.


Movement: Arrow Keys
Press Against Wall: Up Arrow
Slide Along Wall: Left/Right
Use Objects: Space Bar
Tap Wall: Space Bar
Break Guards Neck: Space Bar
Plant C4: Z
Detonate C4: X


Name: Stealth Hunter
Times Played: 8817
Rating : 4
Platform: Flash
Created By: Freeworldgroup
Genre: Adventure

Stealth Hunter

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