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The Legend of Zelda is a console classic and it loses nothing here. It is the same rough and tumble adventure you have come to expect in the land of Zelda. The Seeds of Darkness is a complelling and rich backdrop for your sword and magic fighting. You must lead Link through a dangerous adventure. Be careful, because danger is lurking around every corner.


To destroy all of the seeds of darkness in the evil forest. You will get some assistance from friends along the way, while using your sword and shield to do the damage. You must do this without losing all of your hearts. If you lose all of your hearts the game is over and you will have failed.


Left: Left Arrow
Right: Right Arrow
Forward: Up Arrow
Back: Down Arrow
Use Sword: A
Use Shield S
Pause: Enter


Name: Zelda
Times Played: 111740
Rating : 4
Platform: Flash
Created By: Zepher Entertainment
Genre: Adventure


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