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Yetisports 3 Seal Bounce is a game with cute little characters. There is a yeti which you control, a penguin, and many seals. You throw the penguin as high as you can and the seals help you by bouncing the penguin up higher if the penguin gets to them. The higher the penguin goes the more points you get. You can either left click your mouse and hold, or you can click twice to throw the penguin quickly.


The objective of this fun game is to get the penguin up as high as you can. You can do this by throwing the penguin as high as you can, or by getting the penguin up to the seals so they can bounce the penguin up to another seal.


mouse cursor:direction of penguin
left click twice: throw quick
left click hold then click:wind up for throw then throw


Name: Yetisports 3
Times Played: 4088
Rating : 2.5
Platform: Flash
Created By: Yetisports.org
Genre: Arcade

Yetisports 3

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