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Yetisports 1 is a fun game similar to baseball. You are a yeti and you have a friend who is a penguin. When the penguin jumps down from the rock you hit him with a bat. You are going for distance here so when you swing you are deciding how far the penguin will fly and how high. Don't worry the penguin likes it. Try to see what your top score can be. How far can you hit a penguin? If you hit the penguin too high he wont go as far, and he may just end up with his head in the snow. Remember penguins have rubbery skin that can skip along the snow.


The objective of this game is to watch the penguin jump, then swing your bat as he is at just the right point. Make sure you swing at the right time to ensure a long distance. You are going for distance.


Space:get penguin warmed up
left click:penguin jump
left click:swing bat


Name: Yetisports 1
Times Played: 12900
Rating : 2.5
Platform: Flash
Created By: Yetisports.org
Genre: Arcade

Yetisports 1

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