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Sudoko Classic is a classic puzzle game that involves filling in the board with numbers. The key is you can only use each number (1-9) one time in each 3x3 sub-grid. So you must fill in the entire board, without duplication. This is an intense strategy puzzle, perfect for the strategy enthusiast. Just be aware, with 75 levels, it gets much more difficult as the different configuration starting boards become available at higher levels.


The objective of Sudoko Original is very simple. You must fill in every box in the grid with a number between 1 and 9. There are 75 progressively difficult levels to get through here. There is no time limit.


Select Square: Arrow Keys or Mouse
Place Number: Type [Number]


Name: Sudoku Original
Times Played: 5766
Rating : 3
Platform: Flash
Created By: 2dplay
Genre: Puzzle

Sudoku Original

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