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Forest 2 Challenge is a golf game where you work to get the lowest score over 18 levels or holes. It is very similar to minature golf and takes some patience and a steady aim to make sure you play the angles of the course just right to get the lowest score. They key is to not overpower the ball and not to hit it short. It is the only way you will have a chance at beating par!


The goal of Forrest 2 Challenge is simple. You must put the golf ball in the hole for all 18 levels. Each hole, or level, has a \"par\" score which is the score to beat. Avoid the hazards and get the lowest score possible score for each hole and the total round of 18 holes.


Aim: Mouse
Power: Mouse
Swing: Left Mouse Button
Ball Drop: Left Mouse Button


Name: Forrest Challenge
Times Played: 8907
Rating : 3
Platform: Flash
Created By: Freeonlinegames
Genre: Sport

Forrest Challenge

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