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Bubble Trouble is a game where you walk to the left or right shooting bubbles as they go over you. When you shoot one bubble it breaks down into two smaller bubbles. You then have to shoot those smaller bubbles til there are no more. You must avoid getting hit by the bubbles and you are fighting the time limit (the red bar). Each time you get hit or run out of time it takes one of your lives (the fire symbols at the bottom left below the time bar). Occasionally when you shoot a bubble a bonus will come out such as points or an extra life. Once you have shot all of the bubbles on your level you will go to the next level.


The objective of Bubble Trouble is to shoot every bubble as it goes over your head. Do this while avoiding getting hit by the bouncing bubbles. Also you want to shoot all bubbles before the time runs out. You keep moving to higher levels with an even bigger bubble meaning more bubbles bouncing around in your time limit.


Tab: select option
Left/Right arrow: moves to left or right
Space: shoots


Name: Bubble Trouble
Times Played: 10812
Rating : 2
Platform: Flash
Created By: Miniclip
Genre: Multiplayer

Bubble Trouble

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