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You thought all elves did was build toys and bake cookies? Absolutely not. These are their bigger, badder cousins, who like to smoke, who like to drink, and most importantly, like to gamble. Join up with this wild band of Rogue elves in Blackjack Elf and have a gambling good time. Please note: Gambling Elf can be wildly addictive.


The goal of Blackjack Elf is to get the higest point total for a given hand, without going over 21 points. Face cards count as 10 points and the Ace counts as 11 points. You and the dealer will both get 2 cards initially. At that point you can draw another card, or stand. If you win the hand you will double your bet. If you get a blackjack, which is an Ace and Face card on the deal, you win 1.5 x your bet.


Place Bet: Left Mouse Button
Deal: Left Mouse Button
Hit/Stay/Double/Split: Left Mouse Button


Name: Black Jack Elf
Times Played: 5798
Rating : 0
Platform: Flash
Created By: Miniclip
Genre: Board-card

Black Jack Elf

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