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Bantumi is a strategy game where the end goal is to end up with more beads than your opponent. You must out-think your opponent by manipulating the beads and the bowls in order to come out with more beads in your score bowl when the round is done. If you are a fan of compelling strategy games, then this game is for you.


You must gather more beads than your opponent. During each round you will take all of your beads from one of your bowls and going counter-clockwise, drop on e bead in each bowl except that of your opponent\'s Kalaha (scoring bowl). Do this until you run out of beads. The game ends when all the bowls on one side are empty.


Choose Bowl: Left Mouse Click


Name: Bantumi
Times Played: 4693
Rating : 3
Platform: Flash
Created By: X-pressive
Genre: Board-card


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