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Aqua energizer is a strategy game in which you move Nemo (the orange guy) through various challenging levels. You complete levels by moving red orbs into the blue energizer. Some levels require that you first find a key to open a passageway. You can kill bad guys by throwing rocks and explosive barrels at them. This game is one of the most fun and popular strategy games available. Progress is saved by copying down level codes.


Activate the blue energizer on every level by moving the red orbs into the energizer. You must do this before your air runs out! Sometimes you will need to first reach a key to unlock a passageway. Avoid the various bad guys. Keep track of your level codes because you only get 3 lives.


Move Up : Up Arrow
Move Down : Down Arrow
Move Right : Right Arrow
Move Left : Left Arrow
Move Dirt : Space


Name: Aqua Energizer
Times Played: 8847
Rating : 3
Platform: Flash
Created By: Miniclip
Genre: Puzzle

Aqua Energizer

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