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A.L.I.A.S 1 is the basic version of the best flash made online shooting games ever. Shoot the obstacles, save yourself from bombs and bullets, get ultra weapons, earn points, do thrilling actions, grab bonuses, advance to other levels for more advance game play. The best game for all people interested in shooting games, get the best experience with the best shooting game ever made.


Finish the level within your life limit, grab bonuses to get extra health, get ultra weapons, breach the securities for ease, remove the obstacles, pass through the various difficult stages within the level and finish your level.


Jump: W or Space bar
Run/Walk Right: D
Run/Walk Left: A
Crouch Forward: S+D
Crouch Back: S+A
Shoot: Mouse Click


Name: Alias 1
Times Played: 8776
Rating : 4
Platform: Flash
Created By: Freeonlinegames
Genre: Adventure

Alias 1

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